Elementor #1360

Curriculum Name 
Master of Science Program in Oral Health Science

Name of Degree and Major 
Full Title  : Master  of  Science  (Oral  Health  Sciences)
Abbreviation :M.Sc.   (Oral  Health  Sciences)

The Masters of Science program of the Department of Oral Health Sciences, Prince of Songkla University focuses on producing Masters graduates who are specialists with the necessary knowledge, skills, morals, and ethics both in the clinic and in research for effective treatment of patients to international standards. They will also be able to analyse problems by using research methods to benefit patients, dentistry and society in a way that aligns with, and is fast and efficient enough, for the situation. Thus, the teaching will be student centred focusing on active  learning methods, learning processes from working together between the different disciplines, supporting self-directed learning, strengthening learning and continuous professional development, and holding to the royal resolution of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn that states “Our soul’s first task is for the benefit of mankind” as a guideline for action.

On completion of the program, students should have shown evidence of being able to

PLO1: Operate upholding moral principles according to the Academic and Professional Code of Conduct by being responsible in one’s duties.

PLO2: Able to develop oneself both occupationally and individually to be a continual lifelong learner.

PLO3: Able to work integratively in one’s role as a team leader and as a follower under multicultural roles.

PLO4: Having numerical analysis skills, able to use Information Technology in searching for the latest information, and being able to communicate and present the information appropriately.

PLO5: Applying relevant dental knowledge and science appropriately in planning, treatment and caring for the patient/community in an interdisciplinary manner under the principles of holistic care.

PLO6: Able to plan and conduct research projects and research academically by oneself.

PLO7: Able to use proficient Thai or English in communication, presentations and discussions.

PLO7: Able to use technology or advanced knowledge in specialised complex dental treatment in one’s specialty or able to develop dental health work with quality and effectiveness.