Elementor #1869

Curriculum Name 
Master of Science Program in Oral Cell Biology and Biomaterials Science

Name of Degree and Major 
Full Title  : Master of Science (Oral Cell Biology and Biomaterials Science)
Abbreviation :M.Sc. (Oral Cell Biology and Biomaterials Science)

To generate the potential researchers who hold the effective knowledge and ability in Health sciences, especially in Cytology and Biomaterials Science for future development of material innovation or oral care products. The program has been organized under the philosophy of progressivism which based on the outcomes-based and student-centered education. Students will learn through their own experiences and be actively involved self-studying, active learning and lifelong learning.  

On completion of the program, students should have shown evidence of being able to
PLO1 Behave consistently with the principles of morality, professional ethics, and responsibility for duties.
PLO2 Be able to apply knowledge of Oral Cell Biology and Biomaterials Science and other related fields for doing research or developing Oral Health Innovation.
PLO3 Be able to use modern technology for effective research, analysis and presentation.
PLO4 Communicate in Thai and/or English correctly

1. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Suwanna Jitpukdeebodintra
Program’s chairperson
Email: suwanna.ji@psu.ac.th
2. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ureporn Leggat (Kedjarune)
Email: ureporn.l@psu.ac.th
3. Dr. Nattapon Rotpenpian
E-mail: nattapon.r@psu.ac.th

Miss Ranida Ampa
Program’s secretary
Faculty of Dentistry
E-mail : ranida.a@psu.ac.th