Research Laboratories and Facilities

The KPIs for research was established by the Faculty of Dentistry at Prince of Songkla University by concentrating on scholarly activities like publications and intellectual property. Therefore, the laboratory is a crucial component to encourage and support the research, depending entirely on its scope. In Thailand, research standards are employed to determine the caliber of the study. According to ESPReL and Biosafety, lab safety, including chemical and biological safety, is used often in Thailand.

The laboratory at the Faculty of Dentistry has adhered to the ESPReL standard’s safety management criteria, which are made up of the following 7 elements: (1) system administration of safety management, (2) chemical management systems, (3) waste management system, (4) physical characteristics of laboratory tools and equipment, (5) hazard prevention and correction system, (6) imparting fundamental knowledge about laboratory safety, and (7) data and document management by taking the lowest score of 80%.

As demonstrated in the following, Laboratory has recently supported;

Micro-computed Tomography Laboratory
Location: 5th floor, Building 1

   • Enamel thickness and tooth measurement
   • Analysis of root canal morphology and evaluation of root canal preparation
   • Craniofacial skeletal development and structure
   • Tissue engineering
   • Mineral concentrations of teeth
   • Implant and peri-implant bone

Microbiology Laboratory
Location: 6th floor, Building 1

   • Aerobic/Anaerobic culture
   • Determination of Minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC), Minimal bactericidal concentration (MBC), and Minimal fungicidal concentration (MFC)
   • Antibiotic susceptibility

Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratory
Location: 5th floor, Building 1

   • Primary/Continuous cell line culture
   • Cytotoxicity
   • Differentiation of stem cells

Biochemistry Laboratory
Location: 5th floor, Building 1

   • Protein assay using dye method
   • Fluoride concentration of drinking waters or public water systems
   • Fluoride in toothpaste
   • Direct gas chromatographic analysis of sulphur compounds in mouth air
   •  Titration

Molecular Biology Research Laboratory
Location: 5th floor, Building 1

   • Genetic engineering involves manipulating DNA or RNA in microorganisms
   • Real time polymerase chain reaction
   • Gene expression

Dental Materials Laboratory
Location: 5th floor, Building 1

   • Static mechanical testing
   • Cyclic mechanical loading
   • Chewing simulation
   • Micro hardness testing
   • Micro shear testing
   • Small scale thermocycling
   • Toothbrush wear simulation
   • Material grinding/polishing
   • Digital scan metrology and manipulation

Microscopic and Imaging
Location: 5th floor, Building 1

   • Brightfield microscopy
   • Phase contrast microscope
   • Image for immunofluorescence
   • Fluorescence imaging
   • Cell imaging
   • Live cell imaging
   • Tissue imaging
   • 3D imaging

Guidelines for research laboratories