Undergraduate Education


Since the year 1983, the Faculty of Dentistry, Prince of Songkla University has been continually fulfilling its responsibilities in producing knowledgeable dental graduates with high morals for practice in society. In the year 1999, the National Education Act determined a new way of education with a measureable system which could align to the rapidly changing nature of society, culture and technology. The Faculty of Dentistry therefore established a policy to improve their dental curriculum to be aligned with both the National Education Act and objectives of the Prince of Songkla University to produce dental graduates who have: sufficient knowledge and competency for their profession; interest in furthering one’s knowledge; responsibility and honesty in their practice; public concern; discipline in following social norms; and understanding one’s appropriate role in society. This new improved curriculum upholds the principle of producing dental graduates who are “good people, skilled, and happy” by using a competency based curriculum structure which is committed to the following:

“…to produce dental graduates with knowledge, character and skills to general professional dental practice standards by upholding moral principles, ethics and the professional code of ethics, as well as having ability to solve problems and a desire for continual learning. Graduates should have responsibility towards the economy, politics, society and culture, and be able to live in society appropriately and happily…” “This DDS course is not available for foreign students as the course is taught in the Thai language and only has a quota for 60 Thai students per year.